Alright, so there’s plenty of good things to talk about. Borat comes out tomorrow, good times. However, there’s a piece of really good news that only a few people may care about (lord knows it had to be me, I’m such a nerd on these issues)

Canada has placed #2 in rankings of 37 countries and their privacy laws by Privacy International.

It’s always good to see Canada do well in something like this. I don’t know why people don’t care more about privacy issues in Canada, especially considering how the War on Terror is being faught in the name of defending freedom, which involves giving our civil liberties away so the government can fight a war that may or may not actually exist.

The real loser in this is the U.K., which comes across in this survey as if it is only a few years from this guy’s reality…

– John Hurt, Chancellor Sutler, V for Vendetta

It’s really sad to see Britain turn into what the survey calls an “endemic surveillance society” but it is true: there is now one CCTV camera for every 14 people in the U.K. There is talk (who knows, may have already been done) of adding on voice recognition software to these cameras to act as audio “sniffers” of conversations in public between people. Wow, that’s democracy in the U.K. for you.

People should care more about these issues. I can’t stand people who say “if you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve got nothing to worry about” when it comes to privacy, because really, who defines the terms of what is right versus wrong when it comes to civil society and engagement in public discourse and action? The government. Who is to say your actions now won’t have an impact on your future? It’s stupid to think you live in a democracy when your privacy rights have been curtailed. While Canada doesn’t deserve complete support for this (ever heard of Bill C-17, the Public Safety Act? Go check it out, really. Did you also know passenger data is being shared now between Canada and the European Union?), good that we’re not completely violating our citizens’ rights in the Era of Terror.

THE FOUNTAIN: The third film by Darren Aronofsky is coming out, and man does it look awesome. This is the kind of film that just gets to me – big, expansive themes, history, science, the future, space travel, it’s pretty much got everything. I can’t wait.


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