Alright, so I’ve been pretty busy again this week (and I just wasn’t into posting). I’m heading out to California Saturday on a business trip, so I’ve been focusing on getting a lot of odds and ends done.

I want to ask all those people out there who dig MySpace another question (a colleague at work has given me inspiration to start asking a question on this blog here and there).

Why are you using this site?

MySpace may be a pretty great Web 2.0 concept, that I have no doubt of. It embodies social networking to a tee, is raging in popularity and incredibly valuable in terms of digital real estate. But must I state the obvious yet again with MySpace.

It looks like crap.

Ridiculously bad-looking pages with animated graphics (wow, that’s so 1998) and terrible CSS programming, combined with far too much “pimpin’ out” of pages that are largely hit-and-miss in terms of quality, lousy security protocols, ownership by a major multi-national corporation which kind of makes the whole idea behind MySpace a bit incongrous – it all kind of begs the question why people are using MySpace.

Folks, if you have not been introduced to this site yet, allow me the honours.

Let me introduce you to Vox.

Why is Vox a superior site to MySpace? Well, let me count the ways.

The design of Vox is excellent, employing parent company Six Apart’s LiveJournal technology and it looks spectacular. Plus, you can set your own privacy settings so there’s less potential for invasions of your personal space. Finally, the storage space constraints are vast compared to MySpace. What’s not to love here?

Think of this site as MySpace 2.0 – an evolution of technology that will take the best element of MySpace – social networking – and improve on it in remarkably simply and effective ways.


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