– Jimmy Wales

There are days when I get supremely frustrated with the internet. I think the thing’s become loaded up with badly-designed HTML, morons who don’t know how to properly use their computers (“does the blue cord make the interweb go?”) and armchair pundits that write as if they were drunk at a party with guys like Emilio Estevez and Nicole Richie (85 pounds? Oh please, eat a burger or something! Anything!). Emilio can’t write well, and I’m willing to bet Nicole can’t write at all.

But then, every once in a packet switch or a thousand (*groan*) comes along some good, inspiring news about the web.

Take Jimmy Wales. He’s a pretty awesome guy and given us the most useful Web 2.0 application around. He’s also now giving away web hosting tools that employ wiki software, thus enabling some pretty cool collaborative projects on the horizon. You’re great, Jimmy.

Here’s an article on Craigslist – one of the few sites on the web that still manage, in spite of their enormous size and market value, to stay connected to their core audience.

Really, this is only another reminder that to make a legitimate and meaningful connection to web users these days, you have to respect the audience and cede them control entirely. Every day, Chris Anderson’s thesis just gets more and more valuable.

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