My good friend John Carson got a huge boost today in his quest for a new job: a major article in the Metro, a free commuter daily here in Toronto. It’s all about his blog being a new and very innovative way to generate job leads. John’s a really smart, creative guy, so this should lead to something great for him (he deserves a great job). I haven’t seen it yet in print form, but it’s reportedly quite awesome and a potentially huge boost for him. Congrats all around to Johnny C!

ACADEMIC LEGACIES: The new issue of Tidings, King’s alumni publication, is now available in .pdf format. It’s always nice to see what is going on at King’s. There are times, honestly, when I wish I had taken the Foundation Year Program (FYP) at King’s. It seems so great and such a rich academic experience. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, FYP is a first-year undergraduate program that allows for a study of all the great books and ideas of Western civilization in one long, coherent narrative structure. It’s really awesome, I wish I could have taken it sometimes.


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