More miscellany on this Friday (probably because I’m seriously tired and I’m lacking the energy to put in a super-focused post).

ANIMATED DOCTOR WHO: The BBC is reporting that Doctor Who and Martha Jones will be animated in a 13-part adventure called The Infinite Quest. David Tennant and Freema Agyeman will lend their voices to this story.

Interesting how the BBC seems to be building around the Doctor Who brand to secure its television future. Aside from Season Three of Doctor Who which starts in a few months (which looks amazing – the Black Dalek from the end of Season Two shows up in 1930’s Manhattan), Torchwood has done really well and the Sarah Jane Adventures, a kids’ show with the new K-9 and ex-Doctor companion Sarah Jane Smith from Season Two, is starting. Now Animated Doctor Who – pretty cool stuff.

Also, in a rumour that sounds just plain insane, there’s a possibility that Jason Statham (yes, that Jason Statham from The Transporter and Crank) could be the next Doctor after David Tennant eventually leaves. That sounds…interesting. That’s really all I can say. Don’t know how they’d work in Statham’s black-belt in karate or his general propensity for asskicking his way through sketchy situations. Although it would probably make for some truly hilarious and surreal battles with the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Dalek: “Exter-min-nate!”

Doctor: “Bloody hell – *muffled, gravelly swearing and grumbling* – let’s dance, mates.”

*Doctor punches the crap out of the lead Dalek, swings around and dropkicks other Dalek in the face…*

This line alone makes me wonder if it’s not B.S.:

“It will be Doctor Who meets gangland. He will do a lot more thinking with his fists and will be a sure-fire winner with the ladies.”

Because yeah, that’s totally the reason people tune in to the show now in the millions…to watch David Tennant use his fists. So…

MY OLD DIGS: Did a search today and uncovered my old publication’s Wikipedia page. If this doesn’t make one surge with pride, I don’t know what does.

ANOTHER OLD DIGS: Apparently King’s now has vlogs of the television show The ‘Fax. Which is actually pretty awesome. Good on them.

PIRATE NATION: Hurrah! Canada dominates in another morally questionable and legally murky category! We’re a nation of sweet, sweet pirates of movies.

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