It’s been a few days but here it is: the complete and total relaunch of this blog. After following the advice of a few people and taking some much-needed suggestions, here it is – a blog that’s going to focus on shorter posts, a more irreverent tone and more interesting (at least to a broader audience) stuff. It’s all about guy’s stuff, or at least miscellany that seems to fascinate us. There’s plenty of lad mags out there, plenty of smarter men’s magazines out there, but are there a lot of men’s blogs? Yup, sure are. I’m just adding to the thousands of them. It’s also a work-in-progress as the weeks go by.

In the spirit of shorter posts, here’s a few worthy items today:

ISLA FISHER: Ms. Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly yelled out in a bar a few days back she’s pregnant (don’t ask me why this is leading the first post).

She’s about to have a big role in The Lookout which debuts today, but Esquire has this month a fawning tribute to Fisher in all her glory. Come on, Stage 5 Gloria is worthy of a leading post, yes?

MEN’S STYLE: Here’s the bottom line – most men need to know how to dress fairly well these days. Best book for rookies (and intermediates like me) is Russell Smith’s Men’s Style book. It will form the basis for a lot of stuff on here in the future.

HOME BREWERS: Ah, beer. You know what’s better than beer though? Home-brewed beer. I went with my pal John to a home brewing meet-up a month ago. Every kind of beer from hops-drenched beer (the most bitter of the bitter ales) to the sweet, sweet pale ales. Check their site out, it’s actually informative stuff.


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