Many young journalists will tell you, either fresh out of their university newspaper, entering j-school or leaving j-school, that they’d most like to be one of three kinds of journalists: a concert-going, movie-watching entertainment journalist (i.e. a multitude of freebies), a high-flying political correspondent in Ottawa, or an intrepid, highly ambitious international reporter, reaching to the far ends of the world’s hot spots.

Not a lot of people get these options to start out. Journalism in Canada is a very tough field with an inordinate number of people already in it and a significant number waiting in the wings. More often than not, younger journalists will look at long-time veterans in these fields with a mixture of envy (the good kind of envy, I’d add) and awe.

Arthur Kent is one of those very veterans.

Kent, as you may know, is the former Scud Stud who rose to fame covering the first Gulf War for NBC. He’s worked for some heavy hitters in international journalism, but he’s just unveiled this really cool project called – it’s an online archive of documentaries and interviews from around the world.


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