By now, you should have a pretty good idea that I’m a hard-core Anglophile. I love almost everything and anything British (even if I’m idealizing it just a touch in that ever-so-colonial way).

Recently, I’ve been watching three shows that, while they’ve been on air for sometime, I’ve only become super-addicted to as of late.

ROME: While this HBO-BBC series came out first in 2005, it’s only really becoming big in Canada the last year or so. I just finished season one – you really should check this show out, it’s easily the best TV I’ve seen in years. Season one follows the conflict between Julius Caesar and Pompey over control of Rome during the transition from the Roman Republic to the age of Empire. It’s violent and a bit over-the-top, but that’s kind of why it rules.

HOTEL BABYLON: Again, a bit racy for the prudish types, but this dramedy is about a five-star hotel in London and the general crazy antics of the people who stay there. It’s got some good-looking people in it and some fun story lines.

Here’s a clip of the show.

FOOTBALLERS’ WIVES: Oh man. The mother of all guilty pleasures on the tube. I just finished season two of this show. God, it’s so sordid you can’t take your eyes away.

The amazing thing about British TV is how boundary-pushing it can be (and entertaining to us Canadians).


Maybe it’s the hot weather, maybe it’s the fact I’m just not in a super writing-creative mood these days that this blog is gathering digital tumbleweeds due to the lack of activity on it – who knows. I’m such a mercurial writer, it’s ridiculous.

Oh Homer. Finding this Munch-inspired painting of you makes this day all the better.

Speaking of which…

THE CULT OF THE AMATEUR: I’m reading a book by Andrew Keen on how the Internet has eliminated professionalism from the worlds of creativity and art and made the culture industries essentially rule-by-mob. It’s pretty good, if not a bit over-the-top and polemical.