I know this will sound like hearsay coming from a gadget nerd like me. Normally, I’d go after the Apple iPhone (and all associated hacks) with aplomb. On the surface, this is a pretty sweet device. And all the hype over the past week and a bit is enough to convince a few people to stay outside for, um, three days to wait to buy one.

But, there’s plenty of good reasons to avoid the first generation of the iPhone. Let the rich folks get (read: earn freebies or burn cash) them first.

1) The cost is too high for so little in return.
This alone should be a good reason to avoid buying the iPhone this time around. For one, even the most insane gadget freaks would balk at a phone that, while offering some cool gimmicks like widescreen video, costs $600 for only eight gigabytes of memory. Come on Apple, that’s ridiculously small compared to what we all know you’re actually capable of putting into a device of this design, considering the rumoured 200 GB sixth-generation iPod is coming in the fall.

2) The wireless web transmission rate is slow.
According to early reports, the Wi-Fi data transmission rates are crazy slow. This seems kind of the point to have an iPhone, don’t you think?

3) Basic phone capabilities are missing.
Apparently, you can’t select a ringtone for the iPhone outside of the ones Apple has provided, nor can you enable voice recording capabilities. Um, why? These features are par for the course for most conventional cells and the BlackBerry.

These are only a small number of issues to start. It’s starting to look like the iPhone isn’t ready for prime time yet. Better wait until the next generation service comes out – this initial release has a lot of issues to be ironed out.

Oh, also, Happy Fourth of July to our American friends down south.

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