So this largely unnoticed event called the Oscars went down last night. I heard it was alright.

Well actually, this year’s Oscars were pretty good – better than recent years, that’s for sure. Jon Stewart was in The Funny Mode with amusing monologues (far, far better than The Queen of Lame Ellen DeGeneres) and in a super-competitive year like this was, almost every film deserving of an award got something to go home with.

Even though I was rooting for Ellen Page to win Best Actress, it was nice to see Marion Cotillard win instead of Julie Christie. Seriously, is it just me or did Christie look bored as hell during most of the show? She smiled exactly once – right when Cotillard was announced as the winner. Besides, it’s better for Oscar to actually reward younger folks and pass the proverbial torch to a new generation (I think Away From Her is a good movie, but it’s not worthy of an Oscar). Good on Oscar. Not so good was having Jessica Alba’s frowning mug on TV during the pregnancy award. Boo.

Also, who doesn’t think that couple that won for Best Original Song (in a movie no one has ever heard of) is potentially the cutest couple in Oscar history? Nice to see some real earnest, heartfelt thanks in a town drenched in cynics. Also, thank the Academy for awarding Diablo Cody for the Best Original Screenplay. Nice move there.

All in all, it was a pretty good Oscars. Keep the format the way it is, keep Stewart and never bring DeGeneres back ever, maybe cut down on all the “looking back” segments of Oscar history next year, and have more Helen Mirren, Cotillard and Anne Hathaway next year. I can’t suggest those people enough.


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