This rumour on Smithereens’ blog is too deliciously awesome to ignore. Apple sanctioning Rogers over their voice and data plans for the iPhone? God it would be so nice to see Apple really take it to Rogers on this one.

We can only hope this is the case. Yet another web site has emerged that neatly illustrates how royally screwed Canadians who buy the iPhone will be under the current pricing scheme (which, according to the National Post today, may change since Rogers executives, ever wary of the public relations nightmare they’re facing in lieu of this ill-conceived strategy)., as of noon today, has almost 50,000 signatures on it and counting.

All of this on top of numerous stories on the CBC, Canadian Press and many, many other outlets. Sooner or later, Rogers is going to have to take notice of all this.

See, this is why the cellular market in Canada must be regulated. It’s obvious the carriers can’t be trusted to look out for consumers’ best interests. Here’s why libertarian free markets don’t work – if you leave companies in a position to regulate themselves without regard for the demands of consumers, you’ll get burned.

Rogers, how much more PR heat do you really want to take?

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