Aside from Doctor Who, Rome and Battlestar Galactica, I rarely get charged up over a new season of television watching. But oh baby, Mad Men: Season Two is just three days away.

Slowly, AMC’s been leaking photos of the new season online, and the good folks at Basket of Kisses have been an indispensable resource in daily Mad Men news fixes.

But this article in Salon today is possibly the most exciting news yet. It’s kind of spoiler-ish, but at the same time, it’s got a few bombshells in it about the new season.

Again, thanks to Basket of Kisses for all your hard work online!

COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW: The CJR has posted a series of comments from recently downsized journalists about what it feels like to be put on the street, as it were, in this increasingly bleak future of journalism we’re experiencing (well, at least in cash-money-hungry North America). Some of the posts have a tinge of Grumpy Old Man in them, but the comments are still valuable.

I wish I wasn’t negative about journalism’s future. But with stories like this, this and this coming out at an increasing rate and the U.S. economy in such a dramatic, potentially long-term contraction, it’s hard not to worry about whether there’s real hope for profit-focused newspapers, television news and radio.


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