- Mike Stimpson,

- Mike Stimpson,

Here’s an interesting link to a photo set by a Lego fan named Mike Stimpson. He’s done a re-creation of some of the most incredibly photos even taken (at least, from a photojournalism perspective) with Lego characters! Some of the photos are still disturbing as hell and the Lego images only remind you of that fact. Definitely worth checking out.

TUMBLR: Also, I’ve decided to take the plunge – I’m on Tumblr now. It’s a sorta blog without the editorial comment – my Tumblr’s going to be a collection of my favourite things on the Web. Check out my site – it’s very new, so there’s not a tonne of stuff there, I admit. Yet.

OLYMPICS: So after a week of real concern Canada might get hosed at this year’s Olympics in terms of medals, we now have nine medals. Karen Cockburn managed to land the silver today in the women’s trampoline, while the men’s team competition in equestrian also won a silver. All I’m going to say is I’m just glad we’re ahead of North Korea now in the medal standings.

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