Okay, so this blog’s been neglected a bit the past week. It’s been a very crazy month of October. Crazy in both good and bad ways.

First off, the election here in Canada. I hate the fact I’m becoming especially good now at predicting outcomes of so many situations, not the least of which was my comment to a friend in Calgary yesterday that “it will be a near-majority for the Conservatives tomorrow.”

Damn, I was right.

For a few moments last night, as Peter Mansbridge told us all, there was an outside chance of a majority. I actually felt nervous for approximately 36 seconds. Then came certifiable, actual results from Quebec. Shocker – the Liberals have made in-roads again there! Maybe the sponsorship scandal’s foul aftertaste in la belle provence has finally begun to dissolve.

I think being good at making predictions is based entirely on two things: one, hoping for the best but expecting the worst, and two – the belief that human beings will most often do every possible mediocre, bad or downright evil action before finally choosing the good one. That’s just the way people are, methinks.

In any event, those two guidelines paid off last night. In any event, I’d say congratulations to the Conservatives, but I’m not sure if this Pyrrhic victory election win is something I’m particularly thrilled over anyway.

$300 million. $300 freakin’ million.

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