Apologies for the lack of posts the past few days; it’s been a bit crazy at work and I’ve been occupied with a few other tasks. In the spirit of renewal that is 2009, I’ve been working out now five days a week and significantly changed my diet. I’m thinner now than I’ve been since Queen’s.

I know I’ve said on this blog before about losing weight – it only gets harder as you get older to stick with it and to make it happen in its entirety. That being said, it’s kind of important for this to work this time. There’s too much at stake for it not to.

Anyway, enough about me. In the post-Inauguration glow, it’s quite honestly All Obama, All The Time now on every MSM outlet everywhere. Even Anderson Cooper seems to have fallen in love with Obama and his family. Some noteworthy stories today:
* It’s pretty cool that President Obama is a tech-savvy President, for he really made excellent use of his web site and social networking tools during his election run. Now he gets to keep his BlackBerry, which is likely armed to the teeth with encryption and security features us ordinary folks will never, ever get our hands on.
* The Inauguration featured the highest level of online video consumption ever. Looks like it may be time for Akamai to increase capacity, no?
* Obama’s using the Web to pledge openness and accountability in government. He’s posting legislation online for feedback from the public and the White House’s URL has been given a snazzy new look. So, um, wouldn’t suppose the Prime Minister here might consider this? Oh wait, that’s *never* going to happen.

MICROSOFT: It’s not easy these days going onto news sites and seeing non-stop bad news about the economy (although the non-stop negativity isn’t reversing the situation either, IMO). Still, when Microsoft – the lone voice of the PC-Is-Rad Mantra – is cutting 5,000 jobs because of the economic woes in the U.S., all you can do is just shake your head and do some deep breathing. I’m not sure what else will change this trend, save for Obama’s economic stimulus package (which will take at least six months to work its way into the system to encourage credit flowing again).


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