I’m really starting to hate this economic downturn.

As if newspapers didn’t have enough economic problems, this recession seems to be accelerating the pace in which newspapers are shedding jobs. And by accelerating, I mean 200-kilometres-per-hour-driving-over-a-cliff-crash-and-fatal-burns-to-the-driver fast.

While the news reports are still sketchy as of yet, there were a number of layoffs at The Globe and Mail today and 24 reporters were given the axe at the Halifax Chronicle-Herald (sidebar: in the words of Sideshow Bob, “I’m aware of the irony of posting a link to layoffs from a newspaper’s web site, so don’t bother pointing it out.”).

Hey journalism students — better get those Web publishing skills up to scratch!


* Oh boy. This could be either a great story or very, very bad. Iran’s now joined that exclusive club known as spacefaring nations. Now let’s hope they don’t ever join that other exclusive club.
* I swear, if Apple were a human being, it would be an incredibly classy and hot stripper. Why? Well, like strippers, they toy with the audience, reveal parts of themselves very selectively and ultimately find some way to separate you from your money. Four words: Flash, Video Recording and iPhone.
* Will the recession create more pent-up demand for online gaming? Well, considering that most people will probably be spending a lot more time at home in the next two years, I say yes. World of Warcraft baby!
* I know this link might be in slightly poor taste given what’s happened today, but it’s a good lesson for everyone and anyone trying to hold onto their jobs.

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