Last night, Attack of the Show — one of my favourite shows, an ultimate geek paradise on the geekiest station — profiled two job sites that are actually worth checking out for those folks looking for work in this economy of ours (in short: the recovery’s not coming until 2010 at least, but it’s a good time for new innovations and new opportunities at least. Oh, and if you’re a blue collar worker, it might be time to consider going back to school now, as those industrial jobs aren’t coming back, possibly ever). — it’s the Google of job searching sites! This is easily the finest job searching site I’ve seen online anywhere (word to the wise: Workopolis, Monster and a few others aren’t bad sites, but they’re the online versions of the D.V.P. during rush hours — everyone’s there at the same time and all the opportunities get snagged quickly). Highly, highly recommended. — yes, it’s a site that involves paying people to find you jobs. Personally, not my cup of tea per se, but it’s a great site for people who need help finding opportunities.

Oh, and that app site I mentioned earlier… — using the Web maxim of “goofy name, good product” to its fullest extent, this is a great, great site that aggregates all the best and newest apps online. You can write up recommendations, reviews and sample some undiscovered online gems. Really cool.

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