Ha! Didn’t think I was coming back here, did ya?

Well, I will admit I’ve been sorely lacking in the posting department here on my blog. Life’s been a bit crazy again. This summer — aside from the profoundly crappy weather Toronto’s been having — has been a big one, full of lots of ongoings.

You know how I’ve written on here in past posts in a very contemplative, introspective fashion about my life? There’s been a point to this. If 2007 was the year it all fell down, and 2008 was the year things sunk into a black hole I had to fight like an angry dog from hell to climb out of, then 2009 has been a year of revelations and self-discoveries. I’m not going to whine and moan about how life’s been tough. Sure, it has been, but who else doesn’t go through this kind of pain at least once in their lives? Well, I know a few, actually. You’re unlucky to have lived such an unexamined life, if you can believe it. Everyone needs to face this kind of thing, I figure.

Anyway, enough of that self-righteous chatter.

MAD MEN: It’s fitting that I’m listening to Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good right now, considering it was Mad Men’s unofficial theme song to the first season back in 2007. And now… after months and months and months of waiting, Season Three starts this Sunday. My work colleague Irwin — a major fan himself — and I are watching the season premiere together. Yes, we’re major geeks. Still, after all the time I spend on the Lipp sisters’ MM site, I pretty much know the show backwards and forwards. I can actually quote entire scenes, that’s how much of a MM nerd I am. And please don’t question why I’m addicted to this show like heroin. If you know me well enough, you probably already know why.

J-SCHOOL: Here’s a link to an article on Gawker — yes, I know, it’s Gawker — about the travails of investing in a journalism degree in America in this time of total and complete implosion of the journalism industry in America (and to a lesser extent, Canada). I’d laugh, but you know. Probably in poor taste.

Alright, that’s enough for now. I’m going to get back into this regular posting thing soon. Well, as regular as I can be. I’m kind of fluttery on here, as any quasi-regular reader knows.

4CHAN: A site that I have a very complicated relationship with, 4Chan, has been profiled by Douglas Rushkoff. In case you’ve never heard of 4Chan, it’s the online location where Anonymous — the organization loosely formed around declaring war against Scientology — was founded. The best and most apt comparison I have for this kind of site is that if 4Chan was a musical genre, it would be hard-boiled, Sex Pistols-esque Punk.