I know, I know.

I’m apparently not a man of my word on this blog.

Truth be told, things have been pretty crazy for me the last little while. My initial idea for reinventing this blog — a regular post on an historical or science-related topic — kind of fell by the wayside, since I realized that there’s a) this little thing called Wikipedia that’s far, far, far better than anything I could ever contribute, and b) I’m not exactly giving it my all on here.

I’m actually mulling over these days a few things: since blogging remains such a vital activity online, how does one define their niche in a sea of them?

I’ve got some things I have to think about still when it comes to writing on here.

MAD MEN: This season has gone by so incredibly fast. I can’t believe the season finale to this wild, crazy third season is next Sunday. I think I fell even more in love with the show this year (if that’s even possible).