I’m attending the Canadian Association of Journalists’ Innovation conference today. It’s been an interesting look at the future development of journalism and harnessing technologies already available as news gathering sources.

Here’s some of the assumptions that many people — assumptions a lot of people in my age group already know — in the business are coming to terms with:

* A lot of people who work in media still run the business essentially on outdated, false assumptions about the media business that are better placed in the pre-Internet revolution;

* Even though we can reach people 24/7 with media reports now, a lot of ideas about the Good Old Days of media consumption belong in a time of pre-information scarcity;

* Hyper-local is an important feature of any news gathering operation start-up;

* If you don’t embrace applications like Facebook or Twitter now, it’s a real issue for any kind of journalist nowadays in terms of their ability to experiment (and be employable);

* Journalists have a lot of tools to use in reporting, but generally don’t use them especially well;

* The decline of newspaper consumption as a generational activity — specifically, those under the age of 40 — can be correlated to declines in participation in voting, clubs, and other institutions;

* Innovation, especially in the media, is really important to how we think about things on a day-to-day basis, especially in relationship to a brand’s strength and viability;

* In media environments, change and consistently, growing change are the only norms left in the media;

* Mobile is The Future. Period.

* You will not make any money charging for content through paywalls.

Some interesting points to ponder.

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