Okay, I’ll admit it: I was feeling pretty down earlier this week about Canada’s performance in Vancouver. But man oh man — it’s really turning around now. How could you not love last night’s total and complete ass-kicking of Russia by our men’s hockey team? Unlike in Turin, where they looked, well, horrible, this Team Canada looks very medal-worthy. I’m trying to not get overly excited yet. They face Slovakia tomorrow. No Sweden, either!

As of today, we have 15 medals (including the amazing Clara Hughes’ incredible race yesterday). Here’s where we’re going to medal for sure:

* Women’s hockey today. We’re assured at least a silver medal.
* Men’s curling. Kevin Martin looks unstoppable at this point.
* Women’s curling. Again, Cheryl Bernard? Only China can stop her at this point.

Here’s where we have a good-to-possible chance at a medal:

* Joannie Rochette tonight in the women’s free skate. She’s third now, but she’s probably got something extra special saved.
* Men’s hockey. At this point, the only thing stopping them are Slovakia and possibly the U.S.
* Short track speed skating. Charles Hamelin is looking for some serious redemption now. The women are still strong contenders, too.
* Long track speed skating. Women’s and men’s team pursuit — Canada is fearsome in these. Then again, so are the Dutch and Germans.
* Four-man bobsled. Pierre Lueders has one last shot at the whole she-banga-bang.

I can’t believe there’s just four days left of competition. What a crazy whirlwind it’s been. Still, 24 medals seems very reasonable at this point.


Since last Saturday’s CAJ conference, I’ve been thinking a lot more (yes, these are the things I do for fun, I’m such a boring nerd) about digital technology and newsgathering. I sit on and stew these things for days on end. Yes, this is what I do in my now-minimal spare time.

Anyway, PBS aired this really interesting documentary series called Digital Nation this week. It’s available online. It’s actually a pretty fresh take on the generational divide that affects people’s perceptions of life on the net. Definitely worth checking out.

And, low and behold, John Gaudi, the Digital Skeptic, informed me of it airing last night. Of course, it was on regular television, so…