Okay, so this space seems to be gathering dust. I just don’t post anymore. I’m still keeping the blog, but my posts are now reduced to once every month or three.

I’m kind of bored with blogging. Have been for some time now. There’s a few reasons why: Twitter is far, far better at conveying short pieces of information that blogs just can’t do. I’m starting to realize, in a time when you can’t keep on top of everything that’s coming at you digitally for too long, that I can only do the short bursts now. I just have too much else to review.

I’ve tried to re-invent this blog a few times now. It’s never lasted. Mostly because it felt like a creative obligation to do so, as if I have to be a slave to it in order to make it worthwhile. Although there is something to be said about, you know, having actual traffic on a site. Relevancy only through visibility, as it were.

I had class today. Tutorial in a few hours. I’m in my student council office. I worked all holiday weekend. I went for massive power walks too. I have a stack of reading material at home that hasn’t been cracked. I have class readings.

It’s all so crazy busy now. I’m trying to keep it together. I’m mostly doing this. Perhaps I need this blog again for creative reasons or just to vent. I’m still not sure which, even after six years of blogging.