A lot of my recent posts on here have been very personal news-oriented as of late. This is mostly because I’ve been a bit self-indulgent with telling the world about my oh-so-fascinating life… well, enough of that. Things are much better now. I want to talk about a show that, if you haven’t seen yet, you must.

Oh Mad Men. It’s been almost a year since Season One came out of this amazing show, but with the DVD release of Season One scheduled for July 1st and the much-anticipated second season coming out this summer (we hope), the hype is rebuilding for Mad Men.

Why is this show so damn good? Well it’s unbelievably well-written – the dialogue is so snappy that you have to watch each episode more than once to catch everything. And the acting is pretty amazing too – Jon Hamm is quickly becoming a fan favourite of the ladies.

I’d say the best part of the show, however, are the sets and art direction. The commitment to authenticity in designing the sets of Mad Men is extraordinary. The overall design really does harken back to 1960 New York City in an amazingly true-to-life manner – it’s hard to believe Canadian TV could produce something of this calibre (even if the resources devoted to producing TV shows in America are far bigger than anything Canada can muster up).

If you haven’t seen this show yet, you must. It’s on reruns on AMC at the moment, but download or get the series DVD when it comes out. It’s so unbelievably good.