… Lipstick! Good God that’s very, very disturbing. And possibly more accurate than even CNN can deliver on. I mean, consider how much Palin and Bush are similar:

* Both Bush and Palin are Christians.
* Both have Evangelical backgrounds.
* Both use unethical, win-at-all-costs approaches to elections. In Palin’s case, she’s a dangerously unqualified candidate whom has been put on the Republican ticket as a cynical gesture by delusional party insiders who think her possession of breasts is a sure-fire win among female working class voters. In Bush’s case, among other Very Bad Things his administration has done, he’s a dangerously unqualified President who cynically used the racist “Southern Strategy” to ensure his win among delusional Religious Right members.
* Both love their guns.
* Both are pro-life.
* Both stay in shape with near-religious ferocity.
* Both have no idea how federal politics works. Or maybe they do – Karl Rove’s been busy the past eight years.


CANADIAN ELECTION: Oh right! The Canadian election. That little exercise in democracy we call Canada decides on October 14th.

So right now, Harper’s got the lead and Dion’s got a very big, uphill battle ahead of him to get within striking distance. He’s got a lot of challenges he may not be up for:

* The slowing down of the Canadian economy, particularly in Ontario, normally a Liberal stronghold. While the Green Shift is a nice piece of policy with real teeth, no matter how you slice it, offering up a new carbon tax while gas prices soar and manufacturing jobs disappear at an alarming rate will be a very tough sell outside of the cities. Environmentalism only takes you so far when it comes to people deciding between clean air and, you know, a job to feed a family with.

* Dion’s personality. I’ve met Dion a few times, he’s a brilliant guy and of the few senior Liberals who managed to emerge unscathed from the Martin years. But unlike his mentor, Jean Chr├ętien, Dion’s English is especially weak in public appearances and he does not have the charisma or charm of Chr├ętien. This will not play well, despite what many Liberals believe. He’s going to have to hit it out of the park in both the TV debates (which, just for the record, the Green Party was once again excluded from today – a solid little anti-democratic move, wouldn’t you say?) and in every public appearance he makes, especially out West and in Quebec.