I know I promised that this blog wouldn’t be turning stale with a lack of posts, but I’ve been crazy busy and I’m battling a nasty flu bug. I figured I might as well get on with getting a post. That and watch CNN — man, these people are such tools sometimes.

Oh, and why the title? Well, all you have to do is look here, here and here. I’m trying to stay optimistic in lieu of the economy in the U.S. and Europe, but, well, that gets harder and harder. Welcome to March everyone! Snow, cold, RRSP investments seem kind of pointless this year and the DOW’s below 7,000 points for the first time in 12 years!


*sigh* Just remember people — it will get better one day. Obama says so.

Anyway, onto the tech stories:

* The Pirate Bay trial still rolls on and now the prosecution is calling for prison terms for the defendants and creators of The Pirate Bay site. It’s hard to say at this point which way the trial’s going to go — we’ll know soon enough — but still: prison time for this sort of thing? These American movie studios and record companies must be really laying the pressure down hard on the Swedish government now. I suppose they must know a conviction’s not so much of a slam dunk.

* Mobiles have long been enjoying broader market penetration in regions of the world where landline connections are expensive and hard to deploy. The Third World’s now one of the world’s most dominant consumer markets for mobiles. Interestingly, a companion piece to this is how Japan — the most mobile-crazy market on Earth — is generally hostile towards Apple’s iPhone. Makes some sense when you read the article.

* Since a lot of people in my generation and younger are abandoning email now and going strictly Facebook or MySpace to communicate non-time sensitive information, it was only a matter of time before this problem emerged.


Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was going well until Sunday. No plans to go into detail about it on here. Needless to say, here’s to a better week!

So what’s new in GJH Land (aside from being thinner now than I’ve been in a long time)?

* Remember that much-lauded Do-Not-Call Registry the Canadian federal government set up for folks to sign onto with the premise it would, you know, reduce calls from annoying telemarketers? Well, turns out it doesn’t work. Huzzah for our government!
* The Mac has turned 25 years old. The finest computing experience out there, bar none. Funny how it all went from this…

…to this in less than a generation.

Cocky? Sure, but it’s justified.

* The White House’s IT infrastructure is considered primeval against the Obama Team’s total love of technology. Odd how a government that prides itself on innovating in military technologies like this can barely keep its civilian domain up to pre-millennial standards.
* Mad Men won yet again last night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. That’s a reason to be happy on a Monday. In other news, I’m not watching the Oscars this year and let’s hope the ratings are lower than ever. That will teach ’em to exclude The Dark Knight.
* The Encyclopedia Britannica seems to have realized that this whole Wikipedia business isn’t a trend anymore.

VIVA LA FACEBOOK: The New York Times has a great article from this past weekend’s Sunday Magazine about the influence of Facebook in organizing protests through online collaboration that spill over into the offline world. Definitely worth checking out.


You always know when something has gone thermonuclear in the broader pop cultural landscape when a movie’s being made about it.

But here’s a crazy new story: Sony Pictures is planning to develop a movie about Facebook. As in the controversial and questionable origins of Facebook. The crazier part? Aaron Sorkin – yes, that Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing and Charlie Wilson’s War fame – is involved in the writing and production.

Thing I want to know is: who will play Mark Zuckerberg? And how will this film get made without Sony getting sued for defamation? And finally, why a movie about Facebook’s origins? Is it really that sexy a story to tell? Oh, and can we please, please, please make those guys from ConnectU.com the main villains? I find those Winklevoss boys incredibly unlikable and unsympathetic victims.