Greetings – hope everyone had a nice weekend.

So I have an iPhone. And yes, I love it. I love it in a kind of way that must be organized into “Pre-iPhone” and the “iPhone” Era. It’s positively life-changing. It’s gorgeous and easy-to-use. I’m officially Apple-For-Life now. And I got it for $40. I had an hardware upgrade credit and a manufacturer’s rebate. Ironically, having an iPhone will cost less under my new plan than when I was using a Razr phone. Weird, no?

BEIJING OLYMPICS: Do you ever wonder how much words matter as opposed to action? Of course actions always speak louder. And for this reason, it’s funny how the Beijing Olympics Organizing Committee, which promised back in 2001 to “significantly” clean up its human rights record and terrible environmental impact before the Games started. Well, it’s seven years later, and not a damn thing has happened when it comes to press freedom in China or the country’s abysmal human rights record. Seriously, does anything matter to the International Olympic Committee other than dollars? Wasn’t the whole point of giving the Games to China about opening up the country to new, proto-democratic reforms?

HYPE WILLIAMS: You may find this funny, but I’m a big fan of Hype Williams’ videos. Hype Williams is a genius in every sense of the word when it comes to his visionary approach to directing hip-hop videos. He’s got a new video out by Lloyd featuring Lil Wayne that honestly could have been made in the 22nd century. It’s stunning to look at. Check it out.

Lloyd Featuring Lil Wayne – All Around The World