Just in case you needed another reason to feel uneasy to start off Monday: President Barack Obama has said that it’s likely more banks are going to fail in the U.S.


Of course, this doesn’t change the fact there’s strong indications the Obama Administration will likely be nationalizing a number of banks to protect taxpayers and rebuild trust in America’s moribund banking system. When Obama says that he doesn’t expect to get elected again if he can’t turn this situation around before 2012, you know it’s gotten pretty damn serious. And vaguely socialist in terminology. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… just saying.

So, what’s going on after one of the best Super Bowls ever (The Boss made it all the better)?

* Congress is trying to delay – again – the switchover to Digital Television. At the risk of hyperbole, this writer places blame squarely on you – the do-nothing Congressional members.
* Google Earth is now under the Sea. Under the Sea. No, no Disney characters will show up here (thank God).
* A very good article about the potential benefits and risks involved in Facebook Friending your boss. A must-read for, well, anyone on Facebook.

Oh, and lastly: I was involved in the creation of an event for Journalists For Human Rights and the National Film Board of Canada’s CitizenShift web site a few years back. Basically, it was a collaboration between the two organizations in submitting films based on Human Rights. The project has been resurrected by JHR and the NFB once again! I have nothing to do with it this time, but it’s nice to see an idea of mine put to good use once again. Good work guys!