One thing that I’ve learned over these past two tough years is learning to let some things go. I say “some” because, unfortunately, I’m still not quite there in terms of being the most forgiving person.

Sometimes, in the process of learning to forgive yourself for past mistakes and regrets, you forget how your actions are affecting other people. While you’re trying to learn to defend yourself more, stand up for yourself and being confident in your actions, it means you can sometimes push that assertiveness too far. You forget there’s limits to what’s tolerable. More to the point, you also need to learn that you have to pick your battles and not target people who don’t deserve it.

I’ve done that with a few people as of late. I won’t mention them on here, as this is a public blog and there’s no need to bring them in on this without their permission.

But needless to say, I’ve been a dick to a few people recently. My need to be assertive and resolute in my positions has mestatisized into outright aggression in verbal conflicts as of late. What I’m saying is: I’ve been fighting bad fights with the wrong people. I allowed my own ego to take precedence over a few people’s feelings. And I’m truly sorry about that.

Therefore, I’m saying I’m sorry. I was in the wrong. I hope you can accept my apology.