My boss pointed out a blog of sorts that I remember seeing years ago in Shift Magazine but I completely forgot about: Textism – an incredibly funny, erudite blog about random topics involving web culture, writing and whether or not anyone will ever get Francis Bacon’s paintings. Who knows. It’s a very dry, biting site in terms of the humour, but it’s worth checking out.

FIREFOX 3: The good folks at Mozilla have Release Candidate 1 out and ready for use. I’ve been using the Beta 5 model and now RC1 regularly; I can’t imagine using any other browser at this point. I really can’t stand Internet Explorer for one, but I do use the AOL Explorer browser sometimes. In any case, if you don’t use Firefox, you really should.

SHIGERU MIYAMOTO: The New York Times had a great article on the weekend profiling Nintendo’s resident genius Shigeru Miyamoto. Just a quick primer – he’s the driving force behind some of the gaming world’s most important innovations of the past 20 years, including the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Fit (which, by the way, I’m now using – it’s really excellent to use and tremendously fun, but it actually, you know, helps you exercise, which is great!).

Finally, is anyone else getting tired of hockey? Seriously, as much as I resent the Detroit Red Wings, can’t hockey be done in four straight victories so we can have no hockey this year in June? Please and thanks.

UPDATE: Dick Martin of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (not the most original comedy in American history, but still pretty good for the time) has passed away.