I’ve decided, since my page views have sunk like a stone again due to my less-than-regular posting (hey, I don’t deny it, Twitter’s been easier to post to and I’m feeling, like a lot of people, like this winter’s gone on way too long now) that I’m just going to put up eye-catching blog post titles. Well, sort of.

Anyway, enough with the rationalizing: anybody else think the way the MSM is portraying this Great Recession is just getting a wee bit out of hand now? Jeez people, sure things are bad, but it’s amazing how short people’s memories are — the 1981-82 recession had unemployment in the double-digits and double-digit interest rates. Which you should probably thank your lucky stars we’re not dealing with now, considering what kind of consumer debt levels Westerners are coping with now.

Oh, and while I haven’t seen it yet due to a variety of items on the recent agenda, I’m seeing Watchman on Sunday. I have to post a photo. I’m so. Incredibly. Excited.

* Since yesterday’s announcement by President Obama on the long overdue reversal on banning stem cell research in the United States, here’s a piece from Wired about the pro-science approach Obama’s generally espousing. Great to see a Commander-in-Chief who actually cares (and believes!) in the importance of science.
* Ah, greed. Still shaping the music industry even while record companies have never been in worse financial shape. Or calling this worthy of our attention — I’ve never seen anything more Train Wreck worthy this year (and it’s only March!). This woman is annoying in ways I’ve never seen before.
* Interesting article on the high degree of sexualization of women in British media.
* Another good article on boosting your skills during Recession-era slack time. I love Lifehacker. LOVE.