To start off this week, here’s a couple of items of interest:

FROM RUSSIA WITH HATE: here’s a video that you really should take a look at if you have even a small interest in the ongoings of Russia – the disturbing rise of far-right hate groups throughout the country. They’re really making their voice heard now, unfortunately, through the web and offline through public rallies (!). Xenophobia and outright hatred of foreigners never seems to go out of style in some places, does it?

Anybody else feeling more uneasy now about the new, angrier, more right-wing Russia? And doesn’t anyone else find it ironic how these guys use images of Stalin as icons of Russian might? Strange times indeed…

WEBBY AWARDS: This year’s best of the web awards came down and there were very few surprises – Facebook, Apple, Flickr and Digg ruled the awards, along with Post Secret and other blogs. The awards’ web site is down right now, but I’ll post a link regardless.

OTHER NEWS: I start my new job in a little more than a week. I’m very excited about this fact. Good times.