Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Now, of course, I’ve been essentially using Twitter to update as writing big posts in such nice weather is kind of, well, time-consuming. But, alas, I’ve got to make with the posting here.

WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS DINNER: Remember a few years back when Stephen Colbert made the Single Greatest Speech Ever at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner (essentially a collection of America’s elite journalists, businesspeople, writers and actors for one night… looks like a pretty good time had by all, must say)? How can you not — it was one of the single most subversive, funny and nasty speeches ever done without Bush Era vetting and press control. It was awesome to watch. Like, transgressive awesome.

Anyway, it’s three years later and there’s this, um, new guy in the White House. And guess what? He’s actually very, very funny and self-deprecating, in addition to being a thoroughly strong leader during a time of unprecedented fiscal/housing/resource/economic crisis in America. Honestly, is there anything Obama can’t do? Here’s the first clip of three in his actually-pretty-funny speech:

WEBBY AWARDS: It was announced last week, but it’s worth mentioning again — a former colleague at Golden Words (I worked there for a small stint back in 2000) has won a Webby for his terrific blog, 1000 Awesome Things. It’s a regular visit for me and should entirely be a part of your regular web visits. It’s funny and so very true in observations. Congrats to Neil!

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Why don’t they just make him a permanent cast member on SNL? Seriously, they threw *everything* into this latest JT-hosted SNL. Even cameos by cast members of Star Trek (which I’m dying — DYING! — to see and it sucks I have not yet seen it)…

Of course, there’s one inane topic here…

TV VS. PORN: What a strange story by Gawker.