So, uh, get this: it’s less than two weeks until the Olympics. And in spite of the fact I’m not a licensed sponsor/accredited media/millionaire, I’m going to do something the International Olympic Committee doesn’t like:

Yes, the strange mix of plutocrats, ex-arms dealers, ex-fascists, aristocrats and capitalists that make up the I.O.C. don’t like it when you post the Olympic rings up without their consent, apparently. Well, here’s me doing it. I like the Olympic rings. They’re cool.

CLARA HUGHES: My namesake is Canada’s flag-bearer for Vancouver. Couldn’t have picked a better person for the role. Here’s the story. And here’s another story on the bad-ass Clara was in her youth. Surprised? She loved the Extra Old Stock and smoked a pack a day. Now she probably has the most insanely muscular thighs and most in-shape body. Ever.